Live your dream with Navitas UK Pathways!

15 Novembro 2018 | 2818

Live your dream!
Have you always wanted to be an engineer? Or an architect, or a successful business person, or perhaps a lawyer? It’s possible that you are yet to think about it, which is perfectly fine. However, a little bit of thought now will help immensely in your future career planning. Whatever your ambition is, whether you want to become a doctor, engineer, marine biologist or a successful musician, there is a Navitas university pathway for you!

Choosing to study abroad can be both exciting and scary. While it’s hard to imagine leaving family and friends for university studies, now is the time to plan for it. A university degree will help you achieve your career ambitions and realise your dreams.

Degree options
The degree options available cover a wide range of topics from Accounting to Physics to Zoology. At times this will seem like an overabundance of choices, but try to narrow down your choices according to your ambitions, and the process will get easier.

Three-year degree
Irrespective of your choice of degree, in most cases the duration of your degree will be three years. This is made up of six semesters during which you will undertake a number of courses, usually four to five each semester.

International Foundation
A foundation course is offered to those students who have not completed Year 12, or who just missed obtaining the necessary marks for First Year entry. This stage is just two semesters in duration. Upon completion, you will progress to the First Year of university studies. It has been shown that students who have undertaken the Foundation stage excel throughout their university degree thanks to the extra support.

Partner universities

CRIC – Anglia Ruskin University
CRIC is located in the cities of Cambridge and Chelmsford and has over 65 pathways that culminate in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from Anglia Ruskin University. Throughout its 150–year history, Anglia Ruskin University has offered undergraduate and postgraduate education characterised by breadth and flexibility, as well as academic excellence.

LBIC – Brunel University London
LBIC has been working in partnership with Brunel University London since 2003, and thousands of students have progressed successively from LBIC to degree programmes at Brunel University London. Brunel’s programmes are characterised by excellent teaching as well as opportunities for students to acquire research skills and to work alongside leading researchers. Importantly, our students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities and to enjoy a campus–based social life.

HIC – University of Hertfordshire
HIC offers undergraduate and postgraduate pathways that result in the award of a University of Hertfordshire degree. The University of Hertfordshire has a long history of providing a wide range of higher education opportunities to students from all over the world. The University of Hertfordshire has a proud tradition of academic excellence and internationalisation.

PUIC – Plymouth University

PUIC offers international students a number of prestigious pathways at Plymouth University, with both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees available. One of the UK’s best modern universities, Plymouth University has a student population of 30,000 students from over 100 countries studying full and part–time programmes.

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