Three Golden Ways to Experience Abroad

02 Janeiro 2019 | 2781

When going abroad you dive into a new culture as well as language and therefore experience life from the inner perspective. This is an exceptional way to explore a new world, customs, landscapes and cities and meet new people. Naturally, you will benefit from personal development, a plus for your career, making friends and much more.
Yet, finding the suitable exchange program might be a challenge. Diana, Mateo, and Alex chose different adventures. They shared their stories with us.

“During my social media internship at a footwear brand, I got a close insight in British working methods. Also, I was able to check on my theoretical knowledge during a project I was involved in. Best bonus was the chance to meet people from the industry. Networking possibilities are great. Definitely, I will be back in London!”

“I decided for an Erasmus semester in Germany because it gave me the possibility to continue my studies and having this great time abroad. Teaching methods and classes in Germany are quite different than in Portugal. I also learnt that my German friends take their bike to get around. My classes were recognized when I got back home so that there was no gap for my studies in Lisbon.”

"During my gap year I wanted to do something valuable for me as well as for others. That is why I chose to be part of a volunteering project in South Africa. I study to become a teacher, so working with kids in Cape Town was a special way to practice. At the end, I even had the chance to do a safari with other international volunteers.”

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