Domus Academy Milano (in English)


Via Carlo Darwin
Milan, MI 20143

The Most Visionary Postgraduate Design School, Domus Academy is a living laboratory. An incubator of talents and a springboard for interdisciplinary adventures. A place where stellar careers are launched. At Domus Academy, we can help you become a protagonist in the highly competitive world of fashion and design. Offering one-year master’s courses in a wide variety of design specializations, the school centers around its unique “learning by designing” methodology.

This means you can gain knowledge and practical skills by solving real-life design problems in collaboration with some of the most exciting brands in fashion, product design, interaction design, luxury goods, and more. In workshops, internships, and/or field experiences, you will work directly with companies to address the most contemporary design challenges in fresh and original ways. And you will do so under the guidance of faculty members who are professionals and opinion leaders in their fields.

Domus Academy is a school where you can make connections that will accelerate your career, gain inspiration from collaborative projects, and develop your skills and talents in a self-directed way. Whether you wish to work at a traditional job or launch your own startup company, Domus Academy will prepare you to become a leader within the fashion or design industry.

Learning by Designing

We believe that working on real-world projects is the best way to learn. That’s why 90 percent of our curriculum is practical and applied. You will work on design assignments that replicate today’s professional design practices in an environment supportive of learning and experimentation.

Faculty Excellence
At Domus Academy, you will work side-by-side with pre-eminent international designers and thought leaders who bring the pulse of the design world into the classroom and impart their knowledge of the latest design trends and practices.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Many of the most innovative design solutions are created through the collaboration of various design tools, competencies, and perspectives. You will share your point of view on design with your classmates across disciplines and learn to combine their ideas in your own fresh expressions.


Currently, more than 50 nationalities are represented on the Domus Academy campus. We believe that a multicultural point of view spurs a dynamic exchange of ideas and informs design excellence: an open mind sees a diversity of options and chooses concepts with universal resonance.

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