International House London


16 Stukeley Street
London, WC2B 5LQ
United Kingdom

International House London is an established and well-known language school, with over fifty years of experience in providing language courses and teacher training programmes. International House London is in the top. 1% of language schools in the UK and we are based in a spacious and fully-equipped school, near Covent Garden, 

International House London welcomes over 8,000 language students from 150 countries each year. Our students enjoy learning in the vibrant and multicultural atmosphere of IH London; making new friends and experiencing the excitement of the city together.

We welcome students from the age of 16+ in IH London in Covent Garden and we also operate Young Learner programmes for students aged 8-17 in 5 locations: Ellesmere, Moulton, oxford and Edinburgh Newbattle. Our Young Leaner programmes are a fun and interactive way for young learners aged 8-17 to learn English, make new friends, and improve their leadership and communication skills. Daily schedules include morning classes with sporting, cultural and social activities in the afternoons and evenings.

Cursos Oferecidos

  • Cursos de Verão
  • Idiomas

Serviços Oferecidos

  • Alojamento
  • Seguros