Seneca College


1750 Finch Ave. East
Toronto, M2J 2X5

Our unwavering commitment to support our students in their educational journey is the foundation for everything we do. We are proud of our faculty and staff, who are committed to continually improve the quality of the student experience inside and outside the classroom. Proof of this rests with our graduates. Equipped with a Seneca education, they are engaged citizens, ready for today’s careers and tomorrow’s opportunities.  Quick Facts    28,000 full-time students    More than 150 full-time programs and 140 part-time programs, including:       

12 Bachelor’s Degrees     

71 College Diplomas     

28 Advanced Diplomas     

21 College Certificates     

46 Post-graduate certificates   

More than 8,000 students graduate annually    More than 5,500 international students from 140 countries   

92 per cent of employers are satisfied with the Seneca grads they've hired.  

Cursos Oferecidos

  • Licenciaturas
  • Mestrados

Serviços Oferecidos

  • Alojamento
  • Aconselhamento
  • Seguros
  • Bolsas