C/ Velazquez, 140
Madrid, 28006

CIS ENDICOTT INTERNATIONAL, an American University founded in 1981, is situated on the very heart of Madrid in one of the loveliest parts of the city. Our building is easly accesible, and in an extremely safe area. We take great pride in offering international students an American Higher education closer to home just as much as we do in offering American precisely what they are used to, only in Spain.

In 1995, The College for International Studies and Endicott College entered into an affiliation agreement whereby CIS students who are enrolled in Endicott College academic programs receive Endicott College credit, which can be transferred to any US college or university.

Endicott College (Massachusetts, USA) is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE).

CIS is authorized by the Community of Madrid as a foreingn university in Spain (BOCM, April 6th, 1998, and BOCM , June 7th, 2019).

The education method at CIS Endicott Madrid helps students to choose the major that best coincides with their aptitudes, and that remains most consistent with their interest. One of the most significant characteristics of the American Higher Education System is its flexibility. CIS Endicott offers three course cathegories for years one and two, which allow access to a significant number of majors thereafter for years three and four. Upon succesfully completing the four-year program, a bahcelor's degree is awarded to each student in his or her chosen major. The first two years at any American college or university in the world consist of a broad range of general courses. During the last two years, clases are more specific, and correspond with the major chosen by the student. Students acquire and further develop English language, liberal arts, mathematics, and scientific abilities through varied general education courses.

CIS offers three distinct course cathegories for the first two years of study, which help students to choose an appropiate major, and core focus during the last two years: Communication, Business, and Liberal Studies.

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