University of Navarra


Campus Universitario UNAV
Pamplona, 31009

The art of forging leaders

From the very beginning the goal of the University of Navarra has been to provide students with a 360° education. In addition to educating its students in the knowledge required to face the everyday challenges of professional life, the University of Navarra seeks to foster in its students the principles, values and a critical thinking mind, that will enable them to be leaders of the future, committed to defending freedom and truth and eager to contribute actively to the development of their communities.


Cursos Oferecidos

  • Cursos de Verão
  • Idiomas
  • Licenciaturas
  • Mestrados

Serviços Oferecidos

  • Alojamento
  • Aconselhamento
  • Seguros
  • Bolsas