University of Southern Denmark


Alsion 2
Sønderborg, 6400

The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) is a research university with an applied approach. As a student, you will have hands on experiences, work with local and international companies in state of the art facilities. 

You will study in a friendly atmosphere, where students and professors consider each other as equal and informal. You are always encouraged to ask questions in class or if you meet your professors in the hall way. We want our students to express their opinion and grow as people. 

We are a very international university with around 75% international students at our campus in Sønderborg, where everything is taught in English. If you would like an even more international experience, you have the oportunity to go on exchange. We have more than 500 partner universities across the world. 

Last but not least, we offer our engineering graduates from Sønderborg a first job guarantee for the first six months after you graduate. This is a wonderful chance to prove what you have learned and try out a working in Denmark. 

Cursos Oferecidos

  • Licenciaturas
  • Mestrados

Serviços Oferecidos

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