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VFS - Vancouver Film School

VFS is Canada's premier post-secondary institution for entertainment arts, offering acclaimed and award-winning diploma programs in applied media. With over 30 years of experience, VFS is dedicated to delivering high-quality education and developing future leaders for the entertainment and creative media industries.

VFS offers a range of world-class programs in the field of entertainment arts, covering various aspects of film, animation, game development, design, and more. Our programs are developed and taught by industry professionals who have won numerous awards for their work. Students at VFS experience a professional global industry environment, immersing themselves physically and mentally in Vancouver's film, animation, gaming, and design industries.

At VFS, our educational model is based on structured intensity and industry immersion. We believe that one year of concentrated work, combining industry-led theory and hands-on production, equips students with the necessary skills to build a professional-level portfolio or showreel. Our programs provide students with practical and realistic education, preparing them for the job market and successful careers.

In addition to our full-time programs, VFS offers VFS CONNECT, our part-time and online learning platform. CONNECT features short-track workshops, certificate courses, and seasonal programs in film, 3D and VFX, classical animation, game design, creative tech, and more. It provides individuals with the opportunity to learn about the creative industry, enhance their skills, build an impressive portfolio, and explore new areas of interest.

At VFS, we value practical experience and industry connections. Our students have access to a strong network of industry experts, mentors, and guest speakers who share their knowledge and experiences. Through hands-on work, workshops, collaborations with other disciplines, and mentorship, our students receive a comprehensive education that prepares them for successful careers in their chosen fields.

VFS stands at the forefront of Canada's prestigious higher education in the entertainment arts, offering a dynamic and inspiring learning environment for ambitious students from around the world. If you are interested in studying in Canada and exploring the best educational programs in the entertainment industry, VFS is the place to be.

Contact us today for more information and explore the opportunities to take your creative education to the next level with Vancouver Film School.

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