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The Medical University of Warsaw English Divisions offer four medical programs for foreign students: a 6-year medical program for high school graduates; an advanced medical program for applicants with a Bachelor degree or pre-med college graduates;a 5-year dental program; and, a 5,5-year pharmacy program. Located in the capital of Poland, students at the Medical University of Warsaw have access to outstanding medical teachers, doctors and researchers and do their practical studies using cutting edge medical equipment in the University's 6 modern clinical hospitals and 11 affiliated hospitals. During their studies, students are encouraged to develop their interests and get involved in clinical research by joining any over 200 student research clubs. The Medical University of Warsaw is a top ranking Polish medical university and a significant medical centre in Europe thanks to its groundbreaking research, highly specialized treatment of patients and more than a two-century long tradition in academic excellence.

Students who complete their program receive a medical diploma recognized in the EU, USA, Canada and most other countries in the world. Having completed their pre-medical studies, students are eligible to sit for the USMLE Step 1 exam and, upon completion of their clinical studies, students can sit for the USMLE Step 2 exam. Graduates of the Medical University of Warsaw are well equipped with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to practice medicine.

Time spent at the Medical University of Warsaw is a valuable combination of knowledge acquisition in medical science, passion development and simply, good fun. Choose the Medical University of Warsaw for your degree in medicine, dentistry or pharmacy.

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